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Ingrid Martin

At age 38, Australian-born Ingrid Martin completed the 39th crossing of Lake Ontario, with a time of 23 hours 25 minutes on 12th August 1996. Starting from Niagara-on-the-Lake at 11:00 pm on 11th August, she finished at the National Yacht Club in Toronto at 10:25 pm the following night - a distance of 32 miles. At the time of the swim, Ingrid was working as an Engineering Assistant and living in Brampton, Ontario where she also competed for the Etobicoke Masters Swim Club.

During the period 1984-1993, Ingrid completed many open-water swims of 3 to 10 km in her native Australia.

Her Lake Ontario swim saw good weather, with the water temperature 70-72F, until the last 1.5 hours when she encountered rough water in the darkness. After 11 hours, however, Ingrid lost the use of one arm - but continued to complete the swim with a one-arm Butterfly. Her feeding was reported to be largely honey and tea. Apart from her injured arm, she finished in good condition and did not require medical attention at the finish. The Swim Master was Ted Roach, and Patty Thompson was Ingrid's coach.

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